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Welcome to ETERBASE (Summarized thread)

This thread is a summary of all that entails Eterbase (Xbase, Ebase, etc) and will be updated when more news comes out. It’s highly recommended to take your time and read this post if you’d like to know more about the company, token or exchange. If you have any amendments, feel free to post a reply and we’ll change it as soon as we can.
1 Overview / Company
Eterbase is a Slovakia based Digital Asset Exchange, which is compliant with EU laws and regulations, and offers the fastest and most secure API within the space. Having its own collateralized payment token EBASE and many features superior to its competitors, Eterbase aims to position itself amongst the TOP crypto exchanges and as a financial institution. Source
1.1 Exchange
The exchange is the cornerstone of the ETERBASE project. As history has shown, when it comes to periods of increased business activity (e.g. panic selling), the load on exchanges is increased by several orders of magnitude. Many current exchanges suffered severe slow-downs or outages as a result of such activities.We believe that a good exchange is one that delivers not only for sustained periods of time, but also during unexpected heavy load and peak times. We have also seen that in many projects, the initial design changed significantly during the development of the final product, and therefore these projects suffer from architectural constraints that make change management and development difficult. We want to have a robust, scalable and flexible architecture for our exchange. To support these goals, the design team at ETERBASE has defined seven primary objectives for the solutions behind the technical and architectural choices:
We want to deliver, maintain and continually develop our platform, as well as bring new features and experiences to users in the emerging fintech market. To be able to achieve this goal, we must design, develop and control every critical component of our exchange. We have developed every key component of ETERBASE EXCHANGE in house. Source
1.2 Eterbase coin
The Eterbase Coin (XBASE) was originally airdropped by its founders through the Ethereum Network to partners, traders and marketers to incentivize and promote the use of ETERBASE EXCHANGE. The Eterbase Coin (XBASE) has no legal connection to ETERBASE a.s. and it is at the sole discretion of the management to utilize Eterbase Coin (XBASE) or any other digital asset for that matter by the company at any given moment.
According to the ESMA opinion we consider the Eterbase Coin (XBASE) to be a transferable utility token. However, the precise classification might change due to the planned experimental mainnet implementation. It is also likely that this classification might differ in various jurisdictions. Eterbase Coin (XBASE) gives no rights to any entitlements of any kind or any decision-making power within the company or on the platform. The only utility of the token is to serve as a trading pair on the ETERBASE EXCHANGE and to unlock bonus features via Premium Memberships if certain conditions are met based on the sole discretion of the management. Premium Memberships can be obtained via means other than the utilization of Eterbase Coins (XBASE). These two are not legally linked and it is solely up to the discretion of the management of ETERBASE a.s. to enable the features of Premium Membership for individuals.
The Eterbase Coin (XBASE) is currently following ERC223 (Ethereum Network) standard and was audited by several external parties for potential security risks. ETERBASE a.s. might initiate the sale or purchase of Eterbase Coins (XBASE) at any time in any quantity with its own account, as it might do with other digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Furthermore, the Eterbase Coin (XBASE) exists on the BEP-2 network as XBASE-B.
1.3 Eurbase
On September 1st, 2019; Eterbase announced that it has launched the first phase of the stablecoin named EURBASE [Ebase], which its sole aim to create the first anti-inflationary based stablecoin. As of now it’s pegged to the Euro, but this will change.
As most of us know the central banks and governments tend to tax most of us via inflationary taxation that is to certain degree sold to us via macroeconomic need to push people to spend instead of hoarding the savings and deposits.
Currently, this pressure is getting stronger by the very introduction of negative interest rates and negative yields to AAA-AA government bonds.What we are concluding is that holding Euro and other major currencies can get very expensive in the near future by virtue of both higher inflation due to global trade sanctions and negative interest rates.
We are modelling EURBASE stablecoin to be able to keep up with the inflation within the EUROZONE (current ECB target being 2%) and to be free from negative yields to its holders. In order to cover up the marginal increase the stablecoin will be use its earnings from fees, market making and portfolio appreciation of its underlying assets to manufacture the peg and anti-inflationary hedge in the mid-term utilizing BTC overcollateralization, EUR cash deposits and cash guarantees as the core holdings of its portfolio.
1.4 Token Information / Supply
ERC Contract (ERC223)
BEP Contract (BEP-2)
Circulating Supply
1.5 Fees
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3. Exchanges^(\Sorted by alphabetical order, not volume)*
4. Third Party Reports
5. AMA’s
6. Interviews
7. Partnerships
8. Announcements, updates and Events
9. Social media links
10. Explainer videos
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